Michel, Guillaume and Odile Ménager invite you to discover and taste their wines and the products of the Organic Agriculture:
Muscadet Organic , Wines of France Organic white, red, rosé and sparkling, 
Organic onions and organic potatoes.

Our vines are located on the slopes of the Sanguèze (river), a loamy-sandy bottom on a mother rock called in geological terms «Gabbro», a rather exceptional rock that has for characteristic to be very rich in calcium and magnesium.
This is the southern tip of the Massif Armoricain.
Organic farming has always been a given, we have been working in harmony with nature and our living soils for more than 36 years without any chemicals.

We continued the work of my grandfather cultivating in the spirit of Organic Farming, the certification did not exist at the time, it is in 1984 that we asked for the Organic certification that began to be set up.
Agronomy, the microbial life of our soils is at the center of our priorities.

The vineyard is the main activity of the Estate, but diversified productions is very important in this mode of production to ensure balance and sustainability.

The farm has been in diversified productions for more than 6 generations.

Our terroir, Le Gabbro

Gabbro is a grainy rock which owes its formation to a deep cooling, at the level of the oceanic dorsals, of a magma produced in the upper mantle as a result of the partial fusion of its peridotites.

Gabbro, a plutonic rock unlike basalt

Unlike basalt, gabbro cools slowly, allowing it to crystallize better. It is therefore a rock of green to plutonic black colour. It makes up most of the lower zone of oceanic crusts.






Conversion of the Domain into

Organic Agriculture:

- Vineyard: 8.5 ha of vines

- Cattle activity Meat on natural grasslands.

Start of the cereal activity on some Ha.

Start of the field vegetable activity to diversify production.

Installation of Guillaume

Start of implementation of the 54

L'original® on the Domain.

A rosé and a sparkling wine complete the range of wines.



Vines :

7,50 ha 

3 different grape varieties

Vegetables :

3,50 ha 

Potatoes and onions

Cereal :

18 ha 

In rotation with the vegetables